Hi and welcome to my blog where I share practical and relatable tips on how to build up faith and have a happy life all around.

I am a wife, a singer, a medical physiologist, and an aspiring dentist.
I love to paint, explore nature, go bowling or watch movies with my husband in my free time.

I hate to see people go through emotional pain in life, and having been there myself, I decided I am going to do my best to help people (especially women) avoid life mistakes that might put a dent in their life.

I believe everyone deserves a happy life, we all deserve to have successful lives and love relationships.
I believe in the philosophy “we only live once and so we must live well and enjoy every bit of life, not forgetting our creator”.

My experiences have made me more open and understanding to the plight of women going through tough times in their love life.
Therefore, if you ever need someone to talk to or ask questions from, feel free to contact me, I’ll be there to give all the support I can.

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I hope you get blessed and have reasons to smile here.

Much love!