Dearest Queen,
It is with a flow of gladness and sense of peace in my innermost heart that I picked my pen of inspiration to write you this letter of love.
 Let this generation read it with you and next generation read it after this generation so they can know that, love is a beautiful thing, they should not get it twisted!
I am one of the men on earth who are blessed to have married well. I am not just married, I am enjoying this marriage 100% just because I married this beautiful angel in skirt and blouse.
Grace Oluwatosin, like I used to tell you in our courtship days, you are not a plus in my life, you are a multiplication.
You stepped into my life and my destiny stepped up! 
You might not know, but let me tell you today, one of my secret prayers is that God should give our wonderful sons wives like you. You are not ordinary.
God knew I will be in ministry, and He fashioned you for me so you can be my helpmeet and honestly you have never failed in that capacity.
Your name is Grace and you carry that grace. Grace for easy pregnancy. Grace for easy delivery. God is just good to you.
You never stressed me for once. Your prayer life is a challenge to me.
 I envy your consistency in the place of prayer. Your passion for knowledge is contagious. You read books with delight.
 You are beautiful, not just outwardly, but your inside is very beautiful.
A 360 degree wife. 
A wonderful mother. Your children are always proud of you. They love your discipline, love, affection and warmth .
In my ministry, you are a catalyst! Your role of intercession, learning, counselling, sacrifice, and selfless living just to see the works of God grow in my hands are worth emulating.
 Ministry took another dimension in my hands at your coming into my life. You are customised for me babe! I know it! You fit perfectly! We blend! We are powerful combo!  
You are not a bedroom drop-out. 
You are not lazy woman. You carry yourself with dignity and honour.
Not a woman of many words, but a woman of mighty words. 
You are my vision sharer, burden bearer.
There is something soothing and magical about how you touch me. You know where to touch baby. You know it.
 You have my key and you unlock me easily. Your look, you know that one I am talking about? There is that look you normally give me like that ,that will make me to be feeling like a baby being cuddling by his mum.  
Oluwatoscene, you are all together lovely. You are spiritually deep! You know the Lord.
That’s my greatest joy. A woman that worships in God’s sanctuary. Your passion for songs has turned all our children to music lovers and instrumentalists in their tender age.
Your bible study classes with the children, your prayers with them, you encouraging them with me to read books, classical, motivational and spiritual books at this their tender age are great things that delight my heart about you.
I know there is no marriage in heaven, babe. But one thing I desire is that, God will put us in the same mansion when we get to heaven.
My Queenly Queen, I want to walk that street of gold with you in the heavenly Jerusalem. I want to hold your hand and we both pluck the fruit from that tree in the new Jerusalem. I want this love to continue in heaven if possible.  
Like I always tell you, on our 80th wedding anniversary, I have a big gift for you that day.
Ololufe Mi Owon, you will live long in this palace. No one shall take your place. Those who rise against you, I offer them to the Lord as burnt offering😀. Your days shall be renewed like that of an eagle. You are one of the Apostolic mothers raised for the body of Christ in this end time, you shall fulfill your ministry. Keep flourishing my darling baby.
Your love is intoxicating me.
 I love you. Your husband is known at the gate when he sits among the rulers of nations.
You are working on your weaknesses as I am also working on mine. We are both work in progress. God is working on you, as He is working on me. I kiss you darling. I love you.
With unreserved love for you,
 Your king,
Ebenezer Ayobami Diyaolu.

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