While studying the account of Jesus. His birth, activities while on earth, persecution ,death and resurrection.
I looked at all he had to go through and I simply said to myself;

If I were Jesus, since I knew I was going to die eventually, I would have chosen a more simple and less painful death. I would have slept and  not wake up or just drink a poisonous substance and die peacefully.
I wouldn’t have endured all the beating and molestation, piercings, drinking vinegar, having my palms and feet drilled by nails, oh no, because I have the power, I won’t go through all of that.

If I were Jesus, If at all I had to go through the beatings and all, I would have turned the day to night so many of the persecutors won’t see properly, I might even make them go blind.
I would make sure I make the moment unbearable for them while I’m being tormented.

And ooh, this is the part I love the most.
If I were Jesus,  after my resurrection, I would have terrorized all my persecutors to a fault before ascending to heaven.
I would appear to every single one of them at midnight hours in complete white apparel, with my palm dripping blood on their beds and floors. Just like the scary scenes we see in horror movies.

I would scatter their houses, appear in their dreams and yell with blood in my eyes ‘I am Jesus, whom thou persecuted’ Lol.

I will torment them so much that they would have to run to the disciples crying for forgiveness and asking for a way to remit their sins.
I will show them how truly powerful I am and that I  am more than the King of the Jews, I am the King of the universe.

I will make sure they pay for their crimes and accept me as their lord before I ascend to heaven.

Hilarious right?
That is what an average human operating under the rulership of flesh might want to do.

We would still want to make a point that we are more powerful.

But blessed be the name of our Lord,  who had to teach us humility through his death and resurrection.

Jesus is a perfect model of a total Christian. Meek and humble to the core.

He had to humbly endure the pain for mankind.
He went through the beatings so his stripes can bring us healing.
He drank the sour content so we don’t have to drink from the cup of afflictions ever again
He became poor and naked just so we can have riches and be clothed.
He allowed his blood to be shed so our transgressions can be washed away and we have redemption from the life of sin.
He humbly endured the process so that the work of salvation can be completed.
How great is our God!
Today we boast and bask in his name and glory.
His name became highly exalted because of his humility.
He became an eternal reference because he was meek and humble.
He manifested such a great power because of his humility.
Dear Christian,
Do you know that some of your prayers are not answered yet because humility is lacking in your life?

The intentions behind some of your prayers is to boast, to pepper people, to let them know you have arrived, to oppress your opponent and to let your enemies and even friends feel bad.

Many wanted a wedding so badly just so they can oppress their exes and make him/her feel terrible for leaving them, showing off to them that they got someone better.

Majority want a house so they can spit on their stubborn landlord’s face.

Many desire children so they can eventually disgrace those who have called them barren.

You desire a promotion so you can terrorize a junior colleague that has once insulted you.

You want a parish so you can prove to your senior pastor that you can preach better than him.

Some even desire an achievement just so they can prove their partners wrong.

We all want to be blessed because of somebody else that we expect to feel bad at our success.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is wrong to ask for blessings or to be blessed. But are your motives pure and humility based?

Jesus didn’t resurrect to show off.

If he didn’t show off or terrorize his persecutors, why will a child of God pray to be blessed just to oppress or terrorize another human.

In life, we will have persecutors but they shouldn’t be the major reason why we want to be blessed.

Check your motives properly, if they are not aligning with God’s commands and purpose, your prayers might not be answered.

God wants us to forgive and love those who have sinned against us, not to oppress them with His blessings.

Come to think of it, the wo/man you are still very angry with in your spirit might have probably been forgiven by God and no longer viewed as a sinner. Don’t you think it is an attempt at futility, trying to oppress whom God has already forgiven?

Humility is letting go and letting God.
Humility is asking to be blessed for the right intent and reasons.
God won’t bless you to be an oppressor.
His blessings are not to make another depressed.
Yes, He promised to prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemies, but it is not to oppress or terrorize them, it is to make them see what they are missing by being on the other side, it is to let them see what they could also be enjoying if they choose to do right and live right.
May our lifestyles be an acceptable worship to God by being humble in all that we do.
May we grow in grace, love and humility.

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