Many people believe that, ladies are weak.They believe and make you to believe that, ladies are powerless compared to their male counterparts.But that’s not true. God does not create powerless people.

It is so unfortunate that many ladies believe in this lie and they go through life looking and acting powerless ,with pity written all over their faces.

Some who are aware that they have powers  don’t know where powers reside in them. Some think their power is in the breasts and big bumbum. They feel as long as they can get any guy to sleep with them by enticing him with their breasts and bumbum, then, that makes them powerful.If all the power you have is the one in your breasts and bumbum, you are indeed powerless as a lady!

You know why? Your breasts’ power will reduce as you get married and breastfeed
Your bumbum power will reduce as you age.
But I want to show you 6 powers you carry as a lady, that, if you tap into these powers, you can change your life, change your family and shake your generation positively.

1.The power of your BRAIN
If you know that one of the ‘brains’ behind your success or failure in life as a lady is your brain, you will focus on your brain management and development. It is a pity today, that,many ladies are not tapping and maximizing the enormous power of their brain. Your brain can bail you out  in life.God has so much given you brain and when people can’t manage their brain, it leads to life damage.

Develop your brain more and more precious ladies. Your brain is like a computer term GIGO= Garbage In Garbage Out. What you put in your brain will determine what your overall life will be.It will be a destiny crime for us to go about with brains full of junks. When you can’t come up with any positive ideas ,when you can’t talk and people feel sense in your words, when you spit out rubbish, unnecessary anger, unedifying words, all these are pointers to the fact that, you are not maximizing the power of your Brain!

How to develop your brain power:
1. Read quality books.
2. Be careful of what you listen to or watch.  
3. Be a lady of meditation.  
4. Be deliberate about what you store in your brain inform of information, songs, etc
Say  this ‘my brain power, begin to function higher from today.  

2. The Power of your BEAUTY
Another power God has given to all ladies is their beauty power. Beauty is power!I hope you know you are beautiful? Can I hear you affirm it. Say, I am beautiful! So many ladies are so powerless because they believe they are not beautiful.

One of the  reasons why some ladies can’t say ‘ No’ to premarital sex is because they feel the guys having sex with them Is doing them a favour by accepting them as ugly as they are.

You are beautiful! Destroy that inferiority complex in your mind.When you know how beautiful you are, it enhances your confidence.
It helps you to walk shoulders high.Many ladies don’t accept this fact. Many complain their breasts are too small, some complain their breasts are too big, some complain their nose are too long, pressed , big, some complain their hair too short, too long, their head too big, too small. Some complain their butt are too small, too big. All these are because people are yet to believe in their beauty.
Maintain your beauty.
Dress well. Be neat as a lady. Don’t be a dirty lady. A dirty lady is a deadly lady. .Many ladies suffer marital  rejection because they don’t know how to maintain their beauty. No guy wants to marry a smelling lady. Some ladies are only neat when visiting their boyfriends. That’s when she will shave her armpits hair and her vagina hairs.

That’s when she will spend 1 hour in the bathroom. That’s when she will wear new pant.
Be deceiving yourself oooo. If you are not personally neat and you are only neat because of boyfriend, we will soon see your life outside.

3. The Power of Your BELIEF
What you believe is what you will behave.
As a lady, your belief system is the mother of your ‘behave system’You can’t behave right of you believe wrong.So many ladies believe they are not worthy, they are not loved. So many believe that their pasts are too dirty and too terrible that God can’t forgive them.Some believe they can’t have a pure relationship. Some believe, they can’t see a man to love them without them offering their bodies for sex to secure the love of the guy. All these are anti-success beliefs.Believe God loves you. Believe your background should not put your back on the ground. Believe you don’t need to become a prostitute before you can have money. Believe you will be better than your parents.Believe you have a colourful future. Believe you can have pure courtship without sex. Believe you don’t need to expose your breasts or your nakedness on the street, on campus or on social media  before you will get a good guy to marry you.

4. The power of your ‘BENDED Kneels
Ladies than can bend their kneels to pray can make any life challenges to bow before them. Only those who can pray can prevail. So many ladies are lazy, looking for prayer machineries that will pray for them and fast for them to know who they should marry while they jump from one restaurant to another joint eating here and there. This week alone  on Facebook, 3 ladies told me how they are walking out of their failed relationships and I asked them, did God say you should start that relationship in the first place? And the only answer they could give me was ‘ one pastor helped me pray and said I should go ahead’. Lady, what’s wrong with your own mouth and knees that you can’t bend down to pray or open your mouth to ask God about that guy?If you can’t pray, you will become a prey. ‘Watch and pray!

5. The Power of Your Body,  Breasts and Buttock
There is a magnetic power in the body of every lady. That is  why an exposed of your sensitive parts will draw men. Lust and spirit of demons resides in the body of many  women. That’s why you need to dedicate it to the Lord as His temple. Many women’s bodies have been defiled with rape, sexual orgies, masturbation and sex toys or incest. They need the sanctifying water of the word of God and Holy Spirit. If not, they will never do well and whoever sleeps with them will catch misfortune.  
On the other hand , there are women who have Positives impact and destiny changing virtues in their body, breasts and buttock. There are women that have their gift, talent and prosperity in the body, breasts and bottom. Any time their  husbands go there regularly, they will prosper and have Favour in life. Yes, there are women like that. Especially, if they have dedicated that body, breast and bottom to the Lord in serious prayer and fasting. That body will become holy and whenever their husband steps into that temple of the Lord through sex, Favour, open door awaits them.

6:The Power of your Divine BACK-UP
If God is not at your back as a backup, your back will hit the ground, and hit the wall so many time till you will break down. Someone said, ‘No matter your make-up, if God is not your back-up, you will still mess-up. You might live and succeed without your uncle, without your boyfriend, without your parents, but never you think you can amount to anything tangible in life and eternity when you ignore God.
You need God more than you need that you friend.
You need God more than you need your degree!
You need this God more than you need your relationship
You need God more than you need money
If He is backing you up, you can’t crash! You can’t mess-up. When God is your back-up, you can only go up!

You can see that, God has loaded you with powers! You are  powerful! Rise and tap into this powers and build a colourful destiny!  
Thanks for reading. I believe you picked one or two valuable lessons from this teaching.  

Written by: Pastor Ebenezer Diyaolu.
Pastor Diyaolu is a seasoned writer, teacher, relationship coach for married and singles and the convener of sexual purity campaign.

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