I know you certainly didn’t expect this from me today but what is my gain if I let today, in all of its loving beauty pass without me inking you about how I feel about you.
You are simply amazing, you are great, never seen anyone so loving, caring and extremely intelligent like you.

You are every woman’s dream and I am sure your female version would certainly be every man’s dream too.

Can’t you see how special you are to me, God took an extra time in making you, your smile is like the sunrise, it brightens up my world.
Your joy gives me joy and when you are in pains, I feel worse.

How amazing, we have bonded so closely that I carry you in my heart everyday and everywhere, you are permanently engraved in my heart, that’s how I want it and I think our God wants it like that too.
I think about you all the time and I pray for you.

I love you darling, I really do. Your awesomeness beats my imaginations all the time. I never believed a soul like you exists, you are one in a million.

We have been through stuff together, the highs and lows, the good and bad and even though during some or most of those moments, I was physically absent, you have stood strong for us, you didn’t let us down, you showed strength, consistency and proved to me that no matter what, you ain’t giving up on this love.

With the smile on your face, I am assured of a bright future, future filled with love, joy, peace and pure bliss.
A future where we’ll look back at our days of trial and grin victoriously.

Honey, I wish you could see my eyes right now, it speaks volume about how I feel about you, it perfectly describes how much I admire you and how much I cherish you.

You are my love today, you are my love everyday. 

To that lady or guy who is depressed and heartbroken, you are my valentine.

To you who gives so much love but receives little or none in return even when you deserve much more, this letter is for you.

To that man or woman in an abusive marriage,
To you who is already drained emotionally,
You whose spouse has abandoned,
You who no longer feels love and loved,
You whose marriage has turned very sour and you are just tired,

You who secretly wish your partner would write something beautiful for you on a day like this.. hold on, I just did that, the beautiful love note up there is for you.

To that orphan, that widow and widower, that lonely divorcee,that single mum, you who life seemed to be unfair to, I love you, I seriously do.

To that sister or brother who is ripe for marriage but no one is forthcoming, today makes you feel sorrowful and you keep asking God when will your own time come- its closer than you think so therefore relish on this beautiful piece I wrote just for you, next year, you will be reading your spouse’s own.

To all of you who have suffered in the hands of love and you have decided to give up, love will find you again,I assure you, you will laugh last.

You all are my valentine today, I love you all passionately, you are beautiful, amazing, gorgeous,you are not a mistake, you may have made some mistakes but it doesn’t define you neither does it change how God sees you, it doesn’t change how I see you either. You’ve got a beautiful heart and soul, you are the best of your kind and I am thankful for you. 

I call you VSP – Very Special Personalities.

You are indeed special in God’s hands and He asked me to tell you that your best is yet to come, you are not forgotten at all. 

I Love You from the depth of my heart and I hope you all love me too.

(Let nothing steal your joy today)

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  1. I read this again now and I so love it all over again.

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