Here is an amazing love story of Eloho and Adeyemi, two Doctors who found love strangely and unexpectedly.

Eloho Opens up


Our first contact

The first time I set my eyes on Adeyemi was in 2008 at Osun State University Nigeria. I had just resumed school, and I was sitting in the provost’s office when he walked in. The first thing that came to my mind was, ” This guy is cute.” The provost introduced us and asked him to help me settle in; He took me to class and introduced me to some of our classmates.
That was the beginning of our friendship.

Beginning of closeness

In 2009, Adeyemi became the academic secretary for CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) while I became the choir secretary and I also joined the academic subgroup because I wanted my academics to be better and Adeyemi is very intelligent ( one thing I love about him). That’s how we became excellent friends.

He encouraged me and explained any subject I found challenging. He will come to my room we will talk over meals about life, academics, family e.t.c and sometimes we will pray together. We found ourselves becoming good friends.
We came to Ukraine together in 2013, and our friendship continued.

The goal of our friendship was to help each other become better. We studied together, tried new foods, learned how to use chops sticks lol, etc.
Just a very innocent friendship and sometimes I would tell him that his wife will say thank you to me for all I’ve done(smiles), and he would say the same thing to me little did we know that we would end up spending the rest of our lives together.

Adeyemi and Eloho

Our friendship grew to love

Friends for 11 years and counting and then best friends for 6 years and counting. I never knew I would fall in love with Adeyemi because we were just best friends with no strings attached, but God put his love in my heart. I did not understand at first until I realized I was in love with him when he asked me to marry him. After knowing and praying about what God had said concerning my marriage. I gave him an answer which was, of course, a ‘YES.’

I am grateful for the day we met, I am thankful for our friendship and thankful for you my SM, my love. I LOVE YOU.

Adeyemi Speaks

Adeyemi Introduction

I was never a fan of embryology in med school, and that is because it’s a developing story, I would rather have it gross and bare it out simply and straight to the point, my friends know me for my strictness, my family is aware of my speed, My Inamorata always tells me to slow down a bit. The only question I ask is why make people salivate through a story when we can simply bring forward the end from the very beginning, but as a great cook that Eloho is, and trust me she really makes tasty delicacies, she always reminds me of the need to savor every bite of a meal, no need to rush, so here is the story behind our story of becoming one to God and till eternity “ELAD2019” .

Drs Adeyemi and Eloho

First Contact

My first contact with Aduke Eloho, omo won l’ode Isoko, Delta State Nigeria.😁

It was a lovely day that began with a beautiful morning at our medical school at Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria. I was invited in the company of my friend and colleague Mabel Ebunola to our then Provost Prof. Taiwo Adewole’s office, being our class’ representatives in preparation for a Biochemistry class to be taught by the professor later that day in 2008.

Dutiful and Industrious as I am, I was focused on getting the details of our class, but then a dark, slim lady with lovely dimples walked in, and she was introduced to us as our new colleague.
Prof. directed us to help her settle in, something we did graciously. We exchanged greetings and asked introduced ourselves, well this lady was cutely smiling as she spoke with grace and honor…well don’t think ahead, it was not “love at first sight”..lol.


Yemi and ElohoBeginning of closeness

Days rolled into months, and we continued as colleagues, truth is we were not close friends in a class of 28 students, she is calm, relaxed and easy-going which is practically not my type, I love energetic and jumpy people…the likes of her Hydrogen friends(Don’t come for me), because they obviously match my pace…lol. Later in 2010, the tenth of July to be specific we were both inaugurated as executives of CMDAStudents (Formerly NCCMDS) where we both served for a year and a half. During this period, she worked with me as the financial secretary of the Academic Board, and we developed a platonic friendship that marked the beginning of our journey.


Friendship Grew to Love

Our friendship grew, and along the line, for me, it grew to become love
We were friends, and unarguably the best friends and I grew to understand her value, and appreciate her. We left Nigeria for Eastern Europe after some turbulent times in our medical education and arrived in Ukraine on the first of January 2013. It was during this period that my love began to grow, but then I had to trust God to do what pleases Him on this matter.
I liked keeping it short, so after prayers, consultations with my parents, my family, her family, my Spiritual leaders I finally popped the question “Will You Marry Me?” in the company of friends and our journey of pure God-centered love began…
Here we are, with the support of family, friends, and well-wishers who have stood behind us and encouraged us all along the way.

A Glance at the beautiful Moments we’ve shared.

The Proposal










The Traditional Marriage













Our Pre-wedding album













The white Wedding is set to come up this July in Ukraine.

Congratulations Adeyemi and Eloho, yours is a perfect and beautiful one, may your joy know no end.

And to everyone desiring a glorious thing as this, your testimony is next.

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