Overcoming writer's block

Nothing can be so devastating as when there is much to write but the words refuse to come.
When you are seated at your desk staring at the writing pad or the blinking cursor on the blank page.

Minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks and then weeks roll into months.
Oh my gosh! They say it is writer’s block.

I didn’t know that was it when I struggled for over two weeks before I could put together a one page speech last month.

Writer’s block is real, very real.

I can boldly say because I have experienced it and you know what? It comes with fear, worry and anxiety.

At some point, I began to examine myself to be sure I am still standing in the faith (lol) and mentally healthy, I tried to check within if I have done anything that can cost me my gifts because I plainly thought I had lost them.
I couldn’t write, sing or act. It was a big creative block for me.

I spent a chunk of my time reading and researching about writer’s block, being the nice lady that I am, I decided to share with you my friends……….you can thank me later (winks).


Writer’s block or any creative block is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing or any other creative work; what you can call a creative slow down.
It usually lasts for about two months or less, depending on the individual’s underlying cause.


A lot of things can be responsible for writer’s block, a writer may run out of inspiration or get distracted by other events.

Negative circumstances or a sudden bad occurrence in a Writer’s life such as loss of a loved one, heartbreak, physical illness, financial crisis, depression and also pressure to produce a piece or meet a deadline.

I figured out mine happened as a result of grief, losing a parent hurts pretty bad.


1. Write little things. Perhaps you usually write lengthy pieces like long stories and articles, you can switch to writing little pieces like short stories, quotes or any other short writing that won’t require a serious mental effort to put together.

2. Free Yourself. Try and take a break, take off the pressure and do something else that pleases you creatively.
It might be watching movies, cooking, dancing, going for sight seeing, taking pictures of nature and things around and even your favorite sporting activity.

This has actually worked for me a great deal. When I went on vacation, I visited a couple of beautiful places in Chicago, I spent a lot of time sitting by the lake to watch the waves and sunset, take pictures of everything around; the birds ,the trees, the sky and the beautiful buildings around. It was fun and a very good way to unwind and free myself from every burden and grief.

3. Exercise. Exercise has a great effect on our mental state. Go to the gym, jog, play soccer, take a walk, just do anything to increase your heart rate and blood flow.
Jogging and swimming has really been helpful for me in the past week. Not like I am a good swimmer but immersing my body in the cold water makes me feel alive, revitalized and active, I ain’t stopping that.

4. Do free writing. This is like writing just about anything, not necessarily sticking to your style.

5. Read magazines, articles and works of your favorite writers or mentors. You can read bible stories too.

6. Give yourself permission to write badly. Your work may start to look like a mere draft , never mind, it will get better with time.
I didn’t know about this earlier, I had written many pieces and going through them, they looked like scribbles from a child to me, I ended up deleting most of them. Poor me.

7. Try to identify the underlying negative condition and do your best to control or correct it. Life will always throw some hard pills for us to swallow at some point, you have to realize on time that the world is waiting on you, many destinies are waiting to be blessed by your creative works and so you can’t afford to let them down.
whatever it is that has brought you down, rise up, dust yourself and keep moving.

8. Be gentle on yourself. Writer’s block can be emotionally draining. There were days I kept beating myself and asking myself questions ,’Lola what is wrong with you’. I cried at some point because I just couldn’t understand what was going on with me. I was desperate to be my normal self back and the more I tried, the more I’m weighed down the more.
It’s a process, it is certainly going to take time, you won’t snap back at once, so while the stages unfold, be gentle on yourself and enjoy the process.
You are definitely going to be restored into your creative self if not a better version .

9. Connect and reconnect with your source. This is the last but the most important point. I don’t know who your source is, mine is the Holy Spirit, it is from Him that I get every creative inspiration.
I don’t forget to cry out to Him, I have been calling out to Him every time and His warm assurance has kept me assured that all is well.

Take a time out to fellowship with your source, tell him everything , he is willing to help if you would ask for his help.

Jesus is the ultimate source.

Have you experienced Writer’s block before? Care to share your experience and how you got over it?
Feel free.

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