Life lessons to learn

Turning 30 came quicker than I have ever imagined. I do not want to use the word ‘unprepared,’ but waking up on a day and realizing I am in my third decade of life gave me a bit of surprise.

I have goals, dreams, and plans that I had hoped to achieve before turning thirty. I also have some challenging life experiences that I couldn’t fathom how I survived in my twenties.

Few years down the third decade, I can tell you there are bound to be life lessons every step of the way. They comprise the good, bad, and ugly, and no matter how they are, they help shape our lives. Life gives us those obstacles for a reason, and overcoming each obstacle is another step towards our advancement in life.

The big 30 is an age that scares most people mainly because they feel unprepared for the period. However, there are lessons you need to learn which will guide you to the age of 30. They will help erase the doubts and feelings of inadequacy and also help you set up a better future.

Here are ten life lessons to learn before you turn thirty.

  1. Value everything you have.

In life, nothing is guaranteed. So, the earlier you begin to appreciate the people and things in your life, the better for you. This is a fundamental life lesson that is often difficult to learn. Value and appreciate all that you have while you still have them.

  1. Money is not the solution to all problems.

This statement can be disputed to no end, but the fact remains that money is just a tool to solve some and not all problems. Money can buy you the finest things of life, but it can’t buy you a healthy relationship, peace of mind, happiness, among other essential needs of life.

  1. Your health is paramount.

As the saying goes, health is wealth. If you have ever been ill, you’ll treasure good health when you get better. Take good care of your health so that you won’t regret the consequences of your actions later.


4. Take life one step at a time


What’s the rush for? If you rush into any decision-making about life, you’ll end up regretting your actions, or you’ll find yourself running back out. So, take your time. Enjoy life and make decisions that are best for you.

  1. Nobody has it all figured out.

Never pretend to know when you don’t. No one has all the answers. Admit that you don’t know and be open to learning new things. That’s how you grow.

  1. You can’t please everybody.

Not everyone will like you. You don’t even like everyone. So, stop trying so hard to get into the good books of everyone. Be you in a good way, and the world will come to accept you and adjust.

  1. Things won’t always go your way.

No matter how foolproof your plans and strategies are, you have to accept that things will not always go the way you planned.

  1. Have long-term plans.

If you have only short-term plans, you’ll keep getting disappointed. But when your plans are long-term, you have enough time to re-strategize and stage a comeback. You fall and not stay down.

  1. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

Once you make peace with the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around you and begin to notice other things happening around you, you’ll become a better individual.

  1. There’s more to love than meets the eye.

Love is more than just a feeling; it’s a choice. When you are in love, you choose to stick with your partner every day regardless of their flaws and baggage. It could be easy, and it could be hard sometimes. But it’s worth it.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this. Have all the fun you can in your younger years. Explore new friendships, travel, create time for the people you love, save, work hard, develop your talents, acquire more skills, learn patience, get more sleep, and spend each day with gratefulness and happiness.

It might get complicated when you finally hit the 30s milestone, as there will be new and added responsibilities for you. Still, if you plan accordingly in your 20s, you will indeed be set for success or at least growing towards it in your 30s.

There will always be changes, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse; they are all okay and part of life. But always remember to rise when you fall, don’t ever keep yourself grounded, be optimistic and remember to be grateful for life and all that you have.



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