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The first daughter of the Presiding Bishop of Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, Bishop David Oyedepo has taken her time to share her testimony of God’s faithfulness in her marriage in a video.

Love Oyedepo-Ogah, who celebrated her birthday yesterday 31st May, took her time to narrate her fertility journey testimony as a way to appreciate God and also encourage many who might be going through a stage of hopelessness in their marriage.

Love got married to her heartthrob, Pastor Steve Ogah on 23rd March, 2013 in an elaborate wedding that had Nigeria’s  top personalities in attendance.

             Pastor Steve and Love Ogah
She got pregnant in October same year and her ordeal started few months after when she suddenly began to bleed.
She lost the baby and that was when she was told by the doctors that she can’t carry a baby to term no matter how many times she tried.

Love and her husband went to several hospitals both in Nigeria and outside the country and the prognosis remained the same.

It was devastating and challenging for the couple.

 All through 2014,there was no sign or trace of pregnancy but she held on strongly to God, built up her faith through the word and engaged in kingdom practices and to the glory of God, after the annual 21days fasting and prayers of the Living faith Church in January 2015, she got pregnant again but the devil did not stop his tricks there.

 Three months into the journey, she began to experience excruciating pains that suggested that she was about to lose the baby again but she held on strongly to God’s word and kept declaring that the devil can never destroy what God is doing in her life, He is the Alpha of the pregnancy and so will definitely be the Omega.

Through the grace of God, she was able to carry the pregnancy to term,  but then after 40weeks,she didn’t feel any contraction or go into labour and that became another major concern

She had prayed for natural birth but after the doctors saw the condition of the baby, she had to go through cesarean section.

During the delivery process, the baby was found with the umbilical cord wrapped round her neck twice, a condition that would have left her strangled should the mother had been having contractions all along.

God had to disallow the mother from having contractions just to save the baby.
Is God not awesome?
Sure He is.

Baby Rejoice was delivered healthy, safe and beautiful to the glory of God.

And as God would have it, one who the doctors have certified unable to carry a baby to term, got pregnant again after few years and gave birth to their second daughter, Rejoice.

Her mother called her an overflow of God’s grace and wonder.
The family has since been basking in God’s divine love and grace.

Glory to Jesus!

Love Ogah decided to share her testimony with the world as a fulfilment of her vow to God.

                  WATCH VIDEO HERE

Our God is indeed awesome in power, He specialises in miracles and turning Doctors’ reports to null and void in the lives of His children.
May He come through for you and I today in Jesus name.
And as many that are keying into this testimony, you are next in line for a miracle in Jesus name.

Do you have any testimony of God’s faithfulness you also wish to share to fulfil your vow to God or to encourage others that God is still in the business of answering prayers? Feel free to contact me via imodupe29@gmail.com.

You will have your stories published to the glory of God.

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