I was inspired to write this after a conversation with one of my brothers sometimes last year.
Someone might just be encouraged through this, may the Lord minister to you, Amen.

CHRONOPHOBIA simply means fear of the future.

It’s a fear that emanates from the thought that the present moment is going to be in the past soon. It can be terrifying for some people, it also comes with an extreme anxiety that affects the present.

Its symptoms may include :

*Feeling totally detached from reality.
*Having panic attacks, breathlessness, heart  palpitations, dizziness, fainting, sweating etc.
* Feeling like running away, crying, depression.
* Being unable to express oneself clearly.
* Having overwhelming thoughts of death and dying .

Almost everyone experiences chronophobia at one point or the other.

I remember when my husband proposed to me, few days after, when he began to talk about our wedding plans and all that, I burst into uncontrollable tears, I was crying profusely , the thought of leaving my parents, my exciting single hood and cleave to a man scared me to my marrows, I have always dreaded marriage actually. Many thanks to the thought of not having my freedom anymore.
I was wrong after all, it becomes a burden or a prison when you are with the wrong person. There is freedom in marriage, though not total,lol.

I also experienced it in my final year at the university, my head became clumsy with thoughts of what next after school and every question you could think of.

I’m going to use graduating students as my case study here.

I know majority of you are already having that clumsy mind right now, what will happen after school/service?
Where will I work? Who will I marry? How long is it going to take? And when you look at the economic situation in Nigeria, it’s enough to give one migraine.

For ladies who are already engaged, good luck if the guy didn’t disappoint eventually and it leads to marriage, but then does it end there?
What next after marriage, making babies some would say, does it still end there? Is that all there is to life and fulfilling purpose?
Young lady, marriage is not the pinnacle of it, discover your purpose and fulfill it. Don’t become complacent after you get married. Marriage is a general purpose, know your distinct purpose and live up to it.

To the brothers who will  be the man of the house, your fears are always greater, you want to live fine, make good money, marry a pretty wife, pamper and spoil her, take care of your kids, your parents and maybe siblings, you keep thinking and thinking, how and when will this be?

Some of you already have one Uncle or daddy’s friend promising you job in a multinational company or the oil and gas sector after school, so you have no worries or fears, don’t forget that man can fail, I know a lot of colleagues who thought employment after graduation was a surety until they graduated and the employment never came.

As much as you dream, create a plot for reality on the acres of your life.

Some of you will get some opportunities that you will consider too small and hence throw it away, don’t forget, you don’t climb the ladder of success from the top, you have to start from the lowest step and then ascend, don’t be too desperate to build your mansion six months after graduation.

Desperation leads to frustration.

For those who can’t just figure it out at all now, those who are so scared, anxious and depressed about this  unknown future, what you feel is normal but you must not dwell on it ,it is dangerous to the future and equally detrimental to your health.

How do you overcome Chronophobia?

1. Know that we can’t predict what may happen to us, God alone knows the future, before He formed us, He knew us, so what you don’t know, hand it over to the one who knows and relax. Cast your burdens unto Him… Commit thy ways unto the Lord and He shall direct thy path

2. Take things one step at a time, life is in stages, don’t rush things. With patience, everything will fall in place.

3. Use self-visualisation, always have a mental picture of your dream future, focus on the beautiful picture in your mind, relish it everyday, there is a huge connection between the pictures we paint in our minds and what eventually happens to us.
Our mind is a good place to imagine what we want in reality. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’-Prov 23:7.
Focus on your dreams, not your fears.

4. Learn to relax, engage in sports, yoga, exercise, listen to inspiring music, play games, watch good movies, hang out with friends, just relax, worrying won’t solve your problem a bit.

5.Get help, when you feel you can’t take it anymore, talk to an older friend, a pastor or someone you can trust. Talking to someone brings a huge relief. Don’t ever let depression set in.

6. Know that Fear is a form of unbelief, if you know your God why will you be afraid of the future that He has promised you, you’ll surely have an expected end.

7. Tell it to God. Prayer is a powerful tool that brings relief. Learn to always pour out your heart to God, tell Him your fears, your worries, your desires and trust Him to bring you to the fulfilment of your dreams.
Pray always!
So my greatest encouragement for you today is commit that future and all your fears into God’s hands, trust that He’ll handle it with utmost love and care, then sit back and enjoy the present while you praise Him in advance for the glorious future that is to come.

These scriptures would be of help:
Matt 6:25-34, Prov 3:5-6, Luke 12:24-34, John 14:27, Colossians 3:15, 2 Thess 3:16, Psalm 55:22, Prov 12:25, 1Peter 5:7, Psalm 23:4, Heb 13:5-6.

Marion  Woodman wrote ”It is our very fear of the future that distorts the now that could lead to a different future”.

He that is afraid of being conquered is sure of defeat.
Go forth to meet the future without fear and with a brave and courageous heart, this life is beautiful and worth living, only your belief will help create that fact.

Our future shall be glorious.


  1. Great job….the call is clear..moving to the next level. I celebrate you sister

  2. Smiles, you should think of it, we need to eat jollof and cake abeg.

    On a serious note, erase the fears, concentrate on the positive and beautiful side of it, let it appear in your mental pictures always and speak the Word, tell the universe how your own home will be.
    Remember, whatever we fear always have a way of coming to us, just like Job.
    Marriage is beautiful and yours will be one.

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