I got down from the bus still partly wet and confused, the bus took off and there was no sign of another bus yet, I wanted to curse the devil, this is a set up. 
I became restless and impatient, I wished I had wings or some magic that would make me disappear from that spot and land in the reception hall of Damian multinational company.
Shortly afterwards, another bus came and as usual, the conductor began to call out ‘Lekki-Ajah, Lekki-Ajah, sister, nibo len lo, e wole, koni pe kun’ meaning (sister, where are you going, get on the bus, it will soon be filled up), as he beckoned with his hand.
I went to him and gently explained that I am holding a thousand naira note and he told me not to worry as he’ll figure out my balance when other passengers pay, 
‘ this one must be a christian’ I thought within myself as I gently climbed in to locate a comfortable seat. 
I like sitting close to the window so I chose the window side on the second row.
I sat there praying silently for passengers to come and for me not to miss my interview, I checked my smart watch again, it was 9:05a.m.
At 9:11, the bus was set to move, I had paid and gotten my #800 balance, we set out and I was wishing the bus would accelerate on divine grounds.
A middle aged woman sat beside me with her daughter, the baby should be about six to seven months old, the mother accidentally stepped on me while trying to adjust herself and her baby, her slippers had mud which stained my right foot, 
‘madam, you stepped on me’ I pointed out, 
‘haa, I am sorry sister’ she quickly responded. 
No problem, I replied, while I tried to wipe the mud off my foot with tissue paper.
There was what looked like a gridlock about two hundred metres ahead. I stretched out my neck to catch the sight clearly, oh no, this can’t be, not this time, Nooo, I screamed loud.
Other passengers turned towards me and mumbled words I didn’t pay attention to.
I was frustrated at that point, nothing else matters, the interview is 10a.m and it’s already 9:45, here we are in a standstill that looks like what will last for another ten hours.
While other passengers were busy analysing the likely cause of the gridlock, I was there feeling hopeless and angry, I kept on hissing as I shook my left leg repeatedly, one of my ways of trying to internalise an emotional outburst.
I wanted to cry, scream and blame everybody, the rain, the reckless danfo driver, the rude conductor, the passengers who didn’t come to the park on time and even the government for the poor state of our roads.
While I was trying to figure out the next thing to do, I felt a hand trying to pull my right hand, I didn’t pay attention to it at first, I felt the touch again and stronger this time, whose hand could it be? 
Who is playing such pranks at this moment, I thought within my mind.

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