The interview was slated for 10a.m, it had rained all night into the early hours of that Wednesday morning, the road was flooded, there was barely no place to walk on except the rushing waters, I can’t take my chances, I must be at Damian Multinational Company latest by 9:30a.m ,having passed the first stage of the aptitude test and interview, twenty five of us were rescheduled for a second interview session before the final one which will be with the chairman of the organization.

Damian Multinational Company is a reputable firm, working there has been my utmost dream since I got to know them and making it to the third stage of their employment process is a huge one for me.

With my handbag tightly clutched on my body and a rubber slippers on my feet, I was literally walking on waters that morning, the anticipation and desire to meet up my target time overshadowed my phobia for waters.

I was dressed in a powder blue dress and a black jacket.

As I was about navigating a bend, about fifty metres from the bus stop where I’ll board a bus going to Lekki, a seemingly drunk danfo driver recklessly drove pass and splashed muddy waters all over my beautiful dress, he didn’t even stop to say sorry.

To say I was angry will be an understatement  but what can I do, I have journeyed too far to go back so I had to think of a way forward and luckily for me, I saw a woman hawking satchet water walking towards me, I hurriedly got two and made my way to a corner beside a store to clean up, with the help of my handkerchief and tissue paper, I was able to remove the stains to an extent but then my dress was left wet and my body cold.

A part of my heart felt like cursing the danfo driver but then I remembered I was fasting, getting that job is more important than laying curses on the reckless driver, the devil is a big liar. I swallowed the anger and handed the driver over to God.

My dress, being made of a thick lycra fabric wasn’t looking like what will dry up in the next one hour, it even became heavy on me as it is richly pleated.

My time already read 8:35, I have less than an hour to get to my destination.

I hurried to the bus stop and met the second bus loading, I was the third passenger that boarded, ‘how I wish I can afford a cab or taxi, oh Lord , when will this bus get filled up now’ I murmured.

“Lekki- Ajah ,Lekki-Ajah” the bus conductor echoed in a tone that sounded musical in my ears, it was as if people had taken a break from going to Lekki that day as there were no passengers for over 10minutes.

I became tensed, poked my smart wrist band to check the time every second, I almost jumped out to join the conductor in calling out for passengers, I felt like begging every passer-by to come and board the bus so we can just move, time seem to be tickling faster than normal.

About 15minutes later, from God-knows-where, a group of people who looked like site engineers came forth and the bus was filled up.

It was time to pay, the fare was two hundred naira, I opened my purse to bring out a two hundred naira note I thought I kept there last night, lo and behold, there was no #200 note, only two pieces of #1000 notes smiling at me, hey God, what is this, I searched every corner of my purse to see if the money was hidden somewhere but alas, it was not there.

With a bold face, I brought out one of the #1000 notes and reached out to give the conductor, he looked at me disdainfully and said

”nibo, tani, laaro kutukutu wednesday, #1000, sister e boole jo, mio f’ero were, oshaaro, e boole mio ni change” meaning ( where do you expect me to get a balance for you, come down from the bus, I dont want crazy passengers early in the morning).

It was already 8:52 while this drama went on, all my plea and explanations fell on the conductor’s deaf ears, he stubbornly insisted I get down from the bus.

At this time, tears had already gathered in my eyes, I felt so embarrassed and my wet dress didn’t add an inch to my confidence that morning.

I had to respect myself and alighted from the bus as you know Lagos conductors are no respecter of anyone, at least , not a shivering, confused and water drenched lady like me.

………To be continued.

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