Thirty things the HolySpirit does for us
Are you a born again Christian? If yes, then you have great power through the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the main back up of every Christian. He is our pillar and support, He is the gas to our engines, without Him, we will be grounded on a spot or have to use our physical power to move the car of our life.
The Christian life is lived in the Spirit.
Once you ask for forgiveness and receive Christ, you receive the Holy Spirit too, who now lives inside of you, teaching you and helping you to grow in the knowledge of God.
In our lives, we can either walk in the Spirit as Christians or walk in flesh just like the world. The world is not controlled by the Holy Spirit, they are controlled by flesh.
A Spirit controlled life does not fall into sin carelessly and therefore, they do not gratify the desires of the flesh. 
Walking in the Spirit draws you closer to God.
Whatever has eternal value  in this life and in eternity comes through the work of the Holy Spirit in us.God has given us His Spirit  so we can fulfill our purpose here and earth . 
The Holy Spirit does not just empower us, He helps us from falling and ,making painful mistakes as we journey through life. 

Here are 30 things the Holy Spirit does in our life

1. The Spirit guides us into all truth –John 16:13.

2. The Spirit reveals Christ to us and in us – John 16:14-15.

3. The Spirit leads us – Rom 8:14, Matt 4:1

4. The Spirit sanctifies us – 2 Thess 2:13, 1Pet1:2, Rom 5:16.

5. The Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgement  –John 16:8

6. The Spirit empowers us – Luke 4:14, 24:49, Rom 15:19.

7. The Spirit regenerates us – John 3:5-8, Titus 3:5.

8. The Spirit teaches us to pray – Rom. 8:26-27, Jude 1:20

9. The Spirit bears witness in us that we are the children of God – Rom. 8:16.

10. The Spirit produces in us the fruit or evidence of His work and presence – Gal. 5:22-23.

11. The Spirit brings unity and oneness to the body – Eph. 4:3, 2:14-18.

12. The Spirit anoints us for ministry  – Luke 4:18, Acts 10:38.

13. The Spirit washes and renews us – Titus 3:5

14. The Spirit sets us free from the law of sin and death – Rom. 8:2

15. The Spirit quickens our mortal bodies – Rom. 8:11.

16. The Spirit reveals what has been given to us from God – 1Cor.2:10

17. The Spirit brings liberty – 2Cor. 3:17

18. The Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ – 2Cor. 3:18.

19. The Spirit enables us to wait – Gal. 5:5.

20. The Spirit reveals the mystery of God to us – Eph. 3:5.

21. The Spirit grants everlasting life – Gal. 6:8.

22. The Spirit strengthens our spirits- Eph. 3:16.

23. The Spirit enables us to obey the truth – 1 Pet. 1:22.

24. The Spirit dispenses God’s love into our hearts – Rom. 5:5.

25. The Spirit moves us – 2 Pet. 1:21

26. The Spirit comforts us – Acts 9:31

27. The Spirit casts out demons – Matt. 12:28.

28. The Spirit gives us joy – 1 Thess. 1:6.

29. The Spirit brings things to our remembrance – John 14:26.

30. The Spirit speaks to, in and through us – 1Cor. 12:3 , 1Tim. 4:1, Rev. 2:11, Heb. 3:7, Matt. 10:20, Acts 2:4.

Culled from Frank Viola’s book, Jesus Now: Unveiling the present- day ministry of Christ.

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