Do you seriously want to boost sexual intimacy in your marriage but just don’t know how to go about it?
As women, it can somehow be difficult to make that first move even when we really want it , some feel very shy and think it is awkward to ask .

First, I want you to know that there is nothing to be shy about and there is nothing awkward in you letting your husband know you want him.
You don’t have to suffer being horny when you have the solution right next to you.

Perhaps yours is that your husband has a sexual appetite that is lower than yours and you just want ways to charge him up to your level and get things going, the suggestions in this blog post will be of great help.

And trust me, its a plus for you when you make your man feel wanted, men generally love it.

There are many ways you can let your husband know you want to make love to  him, I have listed twenty of them here , put them into practice and see your sexual life flying high.

Here are twenty ways to let your husband know you are in the mood for sex.

1. Greet him with a passionate kiss. Kiss him beyond the usual welcome home kiss, make it deeper and add a little smooch to it, he’ll get the message.

2. Sext him. Send him a romantic message while he is at work. Something like ‘I can’t wait to have you make me moan pleasurably tonight’ , ‘my body longs for yours tonight’. It will leave him anticipating the night and probably make him hurry back home.

3. Cook his favorite meal , and while you are eating, give him seductive looks, drink your water seductively, put the food in your mouth seductively, wink at him , he might leave the food and grab you for a hot one.

4. Get in the shower with him and start soaping him gently from down to up.

5. Give him a body massage, have a massage oil or lotion handy and stroke his whole body gently. It works like magic.

initiating lovemaking in marriage

6. Wear a skimpy dress without any underwear and while he is watching the television,  bend down in front of him pretending to  be searching for a lost item under the television, keep doing this at angles where he would see your veejay clearly. Be ready to be grabbed from behind.

7. Wear his favorite lingerie, that one that drives him crazy with passion.

8. Send the kids to grandma or any trusted family friend. Create space for just the two of you to be alone together.

9. Prepare the bedroom for love making. Take the laundry piles off the bed, clean everywhere. Lay the bed neatly and differently from its usual look. You could get a new bed spread, put a nice smelling air freshener, light candles, you could add some colored bulbs , just make your bed special.

How to initiate sex with your husband

10. Leave him a romantic note wherever he’ll see it – in his jacket, on his mirror, in his briefcase, drawer or wallet.

11. Play your love song. If you have an intimacy song you both consider as special to you two, play it and dance slowly  and seductively to your bedroom.

12. Slip into the bed naked, ensure you wear a nice cologne, let your fragrance draw him close, once his body touches yours,  he’ll get your message.

13. Kiss him in those sensitive places, behind his ears, his neck, his back, inner thigh. Rub his chest and his nipples.

14. Get more direct, reach out to touch, squeeze or stroke his penis. Some men like it when you go right for the real deal.

15. Undress him sexily. Slowly unbutton his shirt, unhook his belt, unzip his trouser and gently stroke your hands down his chest .

16. Move close to him and gently whisper to his ears asking him if he’ll like to see your new underwear and how you shaved your under, nibble his ears while you do so.

17. Start a sex talk, talk about your sexual experiences and the great moments you’ve had together in the past. Do this with your hand on his lap. Ask if he would like a blow job, a hand job or oral sex.

18. Unleash the whore in you. There is nothing ungodly in becoming your husband’s whore, become a stripper , twerk seductively,  shake those booties,  get a little bit crazy, push him in bed and pounce on him, devouring his body as quick as you can, most men love to see their woman in that unusual mood. Take total charge.

19. Make a trail to the bedroom. Leave a trail with anything of your choice like flower petals, love notes  or small candles to lead him to the bedroom while you lie naked on the bed with your legs widely spread.

20. Ask directly. “I want to make love with you right now”. Don’t be shy or afraid, just express yourself right away.

God created sex for procreation and marital pleasure, so enjoy your husband, you can never do too much, spark up the fire in your sexual life , don’t always wait till he makes the move, you do it.



  1. Where is my wife, she should come and read this biko…oh I forgot, I'm not yet married. Chai!

  2. Where is my wife, she should come and read this biko…oh I forgot, I'm not yet married. Chai!

  3. Hehehe, almost is the word brother, before 2019 is over, your dreams shall come to pass. Share with her , let her read and be prepared.

  4. Next episode Biko����������future wife should come read and digest mbok

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