How to increase intimacy in your marriage

Marriage is a sacred union that holds the potential for immense joy, fulfillment, and growth. Yet, amidst the busyness and challenges of life, it’s easy for the flame of intimacy to flicker.
Intimacy in marriage encompasses more than just physical affection; it also encompasses emotional, spiritual, and intellectual connection.

It is the foundation upon which a solid and lasting relationship is built. This blog post will explore 30 practical and meaningful ways to increase intimacy in your marriage, allowing you and your spouse to forge a deeper and more fulfilling connection.

Marriage is a journey of two souls intertwining, and it requires intentional effort to nurture and cultivate intimacy. It is a dance of vulnerability, trust, and mutual understanding. When we invest in our marriage, we create a safe space where love can flourish and our souls can find solace and companionship.

Intimacy begins with quality time spent together, where we can truly see, hear, and understand one another. It is in these moments that we build a foundation of trust and open communication. By actively listening to our spouse’s thoughts, dreams, and fears, we create a space where they feel valued and cherished.

As we embark on this journey to deepen intimacy, we must also recognize the importance of emotional connection.

Sharing our dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities with our spouse creates a bond that transcends the surface. In these moments of raw authenticity, we find solace, support, and encouragement.

Spiritual intimacy is another vital aspect of a thriving marriage.

We invite the divine presence into our relationship by praying together, seeking God’s guidance, and nurturing our faith as a couple. This shared spiritual journey strengthens our connection and provides a solid foundation for navigating life’s challenges.

Physical touch is a language of love that speaks volumes in a marriage. Through gentle caresses, warm hugs, and passionate kisses, we express our affection and desire for one another. Physical intimacy is not merely a physical act but a powerful way to connect on a deeper level, fostering emotional and spiritual closeness.

We will explore practical ways to increase intimacy in your marriage, fostering a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with your spouse.

From prioritizing quality time and practicing active listening to engaging in shared hobbies and surprising each other with thoughtful gestures, these suggestions will help you create a stronger and more intimate bond with your spouse. Implementing these ideas will build a deeper connection with your spouse and live a fulfilling marital life.

Here are thirty ways to cultivate intimacy in your marriage and build a stronger and deeper connection.


  1. Prioritize Quality Time: Set aside dedicated time daily to connect and engage in meaningful conversations with your spouse.


Couples having quality time to build intimacy
  1. Practice Active Listening: Truly listen to your spouse without interrupting or formulating responses in your mind. Show genuine interest in their thoughts and feelings.


  1. Share Your Dreams: Openly discuss your dreams, aspirations, and goals with each other. Support and encourage one another in pursuing them.


  1. Express Gratitude: Regularly express appreciation for your spouse’s big and small efforts. Gratitude fosters a positive atmosphere in your marriage.


  1. Engage in Shared Hobbies: Find activities you both enjoy and make time to do them together. This strengthens your bond and creates shared memories.


  1. Pray Together: Spiritual intimacy is vital in a marriage. Praying together deepens your connection with God and each other.


  1. Surprise Each Other: Plan surprises for your spouse, whether it’s a small gift, a love note, or a special date night. These gestures show thoughtfulness and care.
Couples exchanging gifts to build intimacy
  1. Practice Forgiveness: Let go of past hurts and practice forgiveness. Holding onto grudges hinders intimacy, while forgiveness fosters healing and growth.


  1. Explore Each Other’s Love Languages: Discover and understand your spouse’s love language, and try to speak it consistently.  Having a good understanding of love languages will help you to know how to love your partner better.


  1. Engage in Physical Touch: Physical affection is essential for intimacy. Hold hands, hug, cuddle, and engage in acts of physical intimacy that strengthen your bond.


  1. Have Regular Date Nights: Set aside dedicated time for date nights, where you can focus solely on each other and enjoy quality time together.


  1. Laugh Together: Find humor in everyday situations and share laughter. Laughter brings joy and lightness to your relationship.
Couples laughing together
  1. Practice Vulnerability: Be open and honest with your spouse, sharing your fears, struggles, and insecurities. Vulnerability builds trust and deepens intimacy.


  1. Support Each Other’s Passions: Encourage and support your spouse’s interests and passions. Show genuine interest and be their biggest cheerleader.


  1. Read and Discuss Books on Marriage: Choose a marriage-focused book or devotional and read it together. Discuss the insights and lessons learned, allowing it to spark meaningful conversations.


  1. Take Walks Together: Go for walks hand in hand, enjoying the beauty of nature and engaging in heartfelt conversations.


Love letters as a way to build intimacy
  1. Write Love Letters: Take the time to write heartfelt love letters to each other, expressing your love, admiration, and appreciation.


  1. Cook Together: Prepare a meal together, try new recipes, and enjoy the process of creating something delicious as a team.


  1. Plan Surprise Dates: Surprise your spouse with a planned date night or outing, taking them to a place they’ve always wanted to visit or trying a new activity together.


  1. Share Your Daily Highlights: Take a few minutes each day to share the highlights of your day with each other, fostering a sense of connection and involvement in each other’s lives.


  1. Create a Vision Board: Sit down together and create a vision board for your marriage, including the goals, dreams, and aspirations you have as a couple.


  1. Practice Active Affection: Show affection throughout the day, whether it’s a gentle touch, a loving gaze, or a sweet text message. These small acts reinforce your love and connection.


  1. Attend Marriage Retreats or Workshops: Invest in your marriage by attending marriage retreats or workshops that focus on strengthening relationships and providing tools for growth.


  1. Volunteer Together: Find a cause or organization you both feel passionate about and volunteer together. Serving others as a team strengthens your bond and deepens your sense of purpose.


  1. Take Turns Planning Dates: Alternate the responsibility of planning date nights, allowing each spouse to surprise the other with a thoughtfully planned outing.


  1. Practice Active Support: Be actively supportive of your spouse’s endeavors, whether it’s a career change, a new hobby, or personal growth. Encourage and cheer them on.


  1. Practice Forgiveness and Grace: Extend forgiveness and grace to each other when mistakes are made. Remember that no one is perfect, and forgiveness allows for growth and healing.


  1. Share Your Love Story: Take time to reminisce and share your love story with each other. Reflecting on your journey reminds you of the love and commitment you share.


  1. Seek Professional Help if Needed: If you’re facing challenges in your marriage, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Marriage counseling can provide guidance and support in navigating difficult seasons.


  1. Never Stop Dating Each Other: Remember to never stop dating each other. Keep the romance alive by continuing to pursue and woo your spouse. Keep the spark alive by planning special dates, surprising each other, and consistently showing love and affection.


Couples on dates


Cultivating intimacy in marriage requires intentional effort and a commitment to nurturing your relationship.

By implementing these 30 practical suggestions, you can increase the intimacy in your marriage and experience a deeper connection with your spouse.

Remember, intimacy encompasses emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects, so prioritize quality time, open communication, and acts of love and affection.

As you invest in your marriage, you will witness the growth of a strong and fulfilling bond that will withstand the test of time.


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