Satanic manipulations comes in different ways, here are five of the ways.

It is a huge mistake to underestimate satan’s tactics and the influence he can have over you.

Yes, no evil can win over the Lord, but that doesn’t mean he is totally tactless or harmless.

Satan  has never rested, since the beginning of creation. Up till today, he has been moving to and fro, looking for whom to destroy and pull down.

He wants to take over your entire life if you are not careful, this is why he is always erecting strongholds in the lives of average Christians.

Harming them,  wrecking their spiritual life bit by bit, polluting marriages , contaminating families and waging war against the church of God.

Jesus himself had to talk about satan and his power so we can see how manipulative he is and be sensitive and alert.

In this article, I have carefully listed five ways satan manipulates you and how you can stop him.

Here are five ways satan manipulates your mind.

1. Telling you that there is nothing bad in a certain sinful act. 

Satan is good at helping you to justify an act  as not being bad and it’s only normal to do so as a civilized person.
When thoughts like ” It will be just once”, “It’s not a big deal”, “people do this a lot” , “no one will know”, starts coming to your mind, its an alert that you are about to be manipulated by the devil.

The moment you give in once, you are likely to do it again and again till you gradually begin to get soaked.
 You start with a toe, then a feet, then your legs and if care is not taken, you go as far as dipping your head and entire body.

C.S Lewis said; ”the safest road to hell is the gradual one- the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts”.

It is important to pay attention to when we fall and make deliberate effort not to repeat the mistake or continue in it.

2. Making you forget who you are.

Genuine Christians feel guilty after a fall, they feel sad that they have disappointed God.

However, sometimes, we can be a little  too hard on ourselves and then the devil takes advantage of that moment to whisper all the wrong things to us just so we can give up on ourselves and forget who we are as children of God.

He tells you you are bad and terrible, you are a disgrace, you are totally messed up and instead of you seeing yourself the way God sees you, worthy of love and forgiveness,  you believe the lies of the devil that you are worthless and unworthy of God’s love.

You begin to feel discouraged , you feel sorry for yourself and conclude within that there is no way God is ever going to forgive you.

No matter how deep in sin you have gotten,  God’s love and forgiveness will always be available when you ask for it.
Understand this, God doesn’t give up on His children , like the prodigal son, he is always waiting for you to come back home and will even throw a party when you do, don’t let the devil make you keep Him waiting for too long. Your sonship is always intact. 

Never ever forget who you are no matter what satan tells you. You are God’s precious son/daughter.

3. Making you compare yourself with others.

Satan is good at making us feel terrible about ourselves  by making us focus on the happenings in the lives of people around us.
If you are always comparing your successes, achievements, career, marriage, and life to that of your neighbors or your friends on social media, you definitely subjecting yourself to satan’s tricks’

Comparisons won’t let you see how far God has brought you, it will only make you focus on your inadequacies and what you don’t have .
It would make you feel like your years of service and commitment to God is a waste just because satan made you think others are getting blessed than you.

Don’t compare , be grateful for where you are. God has promised you a future and a hope.

4. Magnifying you in your own eyes.

Satan has a way of magnifying yourself in your own eyes.

When  success comes, he makes you to start feeling big, forgetting where you are coming from and who made you what you are. It is always easier to want to take the glory when things go well.

 We forget to thank God for our blessings, we get arrogant and begin to see ourselves as very important.
 Pride is a seed Satan sows into the lives of many once success comes to them. He knows God hates pride and so will manipulate you into becoming proud so you can eventually lose the blessings.

 Be alert, when you climb the ladder of success. Learn from King Nebuchadnezzar.

5. Telling you to wait till you have enough.

God’s time is the best and it is wise to wait for God’s direction before taking any step .

However, Satan can manipulate you by convincing you there is still enough time and you still have plenty opportunities around.

The Lord may be leading you to do something but you are not making any move because Satan is telling you to hold on a bit longer.

He gives you excuses like “wait till you finish school”, “why not wait till you have money”, “It will be better if you start the ministry after you get married”, “next year will be better” or he can even feed you with fears and all the likely things that can go wrong if you start now.

You keep procrastinating  till you lose the energy and zeal to achieve God’s set purpose for your life or till those who are meant to be liberated through you die without you reaching out to them.

Satan oftentimes like to creep into our lives without our conscious knowledge.
Spending time with the Lord through fellowship, constant studying of the word and prayers will help you differentiate between God’s voice and Satan’s leading.

It will be hard to defeat Satan if you do not recognize his strategies.

Guard your heart, stay alert !

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